Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 2014 "Ventress Voices"


December 2014

By Nancy Kelly

Nancy Kelly is Head of Technical Services at Ventress Memorial Library, Marshfield’s public library, located at 15 Library Plaza. She can be reached by calling 781-834-5535, emailing nkelly@ocln.org or visiting www.ventresslibrary.org

New and Noteworthy

New Paperback Collection now featured in New Book area

In response to patron demand for a larger selection of popular paperbacks, the library has started to add more fiction titles in this format.  The collection, housed on dedicated shelves in the New Book area, offers a broad array of new choices in popular genres including romance, cozy mysteries, fantasy and science fiction.  As always, suggestions for new titles are always welcome.

Coming soon – the “Hit or Miss” Collection!

Beginning later this month, Ventress patrons will have a yet another way to get their hands on the latest and greatest “hot” fiction titles!  Dubbed the “Hit or Miss Shelves,” the collection will feature multiple copies of current best-selling hardcover fiction titles.  These specially marked books will be exempt from the “holds” that are customarily allowed on other newly acquired materials.  They will circulate for the usual two week period but will not be eligible for renewal.  The idea behind the “Hit or Miss” collection is to allow Marshfield patrons timely access to popular new fiction titles. These “hot” titles will be prominently displayed in the New Book area and should be ready for perusal within the next couple of weeks.  We invite all fiction devotees to stop by and try their luck at the “Hit or Miss” shelves.

iPads on Parade in the WOW area

For those patrons who would like to try out an iPad without visiting an Apple store, the Ventress is pleased to announce the addition of several new iPad stations in the WOW area of the library.  Installed on the hexagonal catalog table in the center of the library, the iPads are equipped with OCLN catalog access, as well as a variety of software applications. Patrons will find Safari, Apple’s Internet browser, along with Overdrive (for eBooks) and Zinio (for eMagazines) preloaded on all of the devices.  For those patrons wishing to understand how to access e-content via Overdrive and Zinio, the new iPad stations offer an excellent opportunity to have a practical, hands-on learning experience in the library.


Techie Tuesdays are in full swing!

 We’ve already had great attendance and response to our first two classes: iPad & iPhone Basics and eBooks, eAudiobooks, & eMagazines. We have two Techie Tuesdays events in December: If you are considering gifting an electronic device for the holidays, come to the Program Room at 2 p.m. on Dec. 9 to learn about and test iPads, Kindles, Microsoft tablets, and more. We’ll be sure to show you the awesome library-related apps you can use to download free eBooks and other eContent. Do you have specific questions about a device that you are already using? Bring your device and questions to the Device Drop-In at 2 p.m. on Dec. 16

For information on January 2015 classes please see our website www.ventresslibrary.org  NEW!!! Some classes planned for Saturdays and Tuesday nights as well. . .

Come the new year, Techie Tuesdays will feature a series of iPad/iPhone classes, more eBooks classes, an introduction to Google apps (Gmail, Drive, etc.), and some beginner computer classes. To find out more, keep an eye on our events calendar and Facebook page. You can also send an email to librarian Jada Maxwell at jmaxwell@ocln.org to be added to the Techie Tuesdays mailing list which will include announcements about upcoming events and classes.

Holiday Happenings

Just a reminder to check the library’s website (www.ventresslibrary.org) for the most current list of activities available at the Ventress each month. Be sure to click on the “Event Calendar” link to see the full display of holiday and school vacation week offerings for December.  Among the choices this month are: a D.I.Y. holiday ornament making session, an armchair travel slideshow, and an afternoon event designed with Downton Abbey enthusiasts in mind!  This month also brings along a wonderfully tempting variety of musical presentations, movie nights and book group discussions. Be sure to look for details on these and many other program offerings on this month’s Events Calendar.